Monday, April 30, 2007

The Animation Show 2007

Rabbit (2005, Run Wrake) {A juicy and sneaky piece of work, to say the least.}

City Paradise (2004, Gaelle Denis) {Visually impressive, but too cutesy by half.}

Everything Will Be OK (2006, Don Hertzfeldt) {Against all odds, Hertzfeldt just gets deeper and better with every film. I'm almost afraid of his next movie.}

Collision (2005, Max Hattler) {OK, he's combining American and Islamic flags with kaleidoscopic effects. And?}

Davey and Son of Goliath (1996, Corky Quackenbush) {An obvious predecessor to ROBOT CHICKEN and its ilk- pop-cultural parody meets stop-motion animation. But the original DAVEY cartoons kinda ask for it, don't they?}

No Room for Gerold (2006, Daniel Nocke) {A reality-show sitution, but with characters with animal heads. Dug the camera-focus effects.}

Versus (????) {Innocuous. Can't seem to locate the info on the Animation Show site.}

9 (2005, Shane Acker) {Fascinating stuff. Not the masterpiece Hertzfeldt's is, but certainly the most visually impressive of this year's bunch.}

Guide Dog (2006, Bill Plympton) {Plympton's not really my bag, but the dude getting carried away by little birds was funny.}

Eaux Fortes (2004, Remi Chaye) {Evaporates pretty quickly *groan*}

Overtime (2004, Oury Atlan/Thibault Berland/Damien Ferrie) {This probably wouldn't have gotten to me like it did had I not gone to the Henson retro last month. Given the storyline- a bunch of Kermit-like puppets learning to accept their creator's death- it's hard not to make the connection. Poignant stuff.}

Dreams and Desires (2006, Joanna Quinn) {The set's only real weak link, which is pretty good percentage-wise. But the jokes just aren't funny and the animation is weak.}

Game Over (2006, PES) {Kinda fun, but why didn't end on Hertzfeldt like they usually do?}

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